st geezy

A few months ago Matt and I went to St George because my sister-in-law was going through the temple for the first time. I've never been to the St George temple before and it was so beautiful inside and out! That weekend we hung out with family, went out to eat, and relaxed. Before we left we hiked around the mountains and it was so gorgeous!! The sky was amazingly clear and blue, the mountains so red and bright; I had to snap a few pictures of the landscape. I love looking at these pictures and dreaming of warmer weather, especially with this snow we just had today. Hopefully spring makes it's way to Utah and sticks around!



  1. These pictures are so gorgeous and that temple is seriously amazing! I have been wanting to go to St. George forever so maybe I will actually make it there this summer if I can convince the husband!

    Lovely following your posts, as always!


  2. So happy you guys were there for me. Love you!