About Me

Blog: My Wardrobe Staples
Name: Katelin
Age: 23
Husband: Matt
Married: September 28, 2012 in Newport Beach, CA
Hometown: Torrance, CA
Currently Residing: SLC, UT
Faith: LDS

Why did you start a blog? I started a blog because it's something that I have wanted to do for years but have been too scared to do! It all started about three years ago when I started reading The Daybook I went there for inspiration, great fashion finds, and beauty tips. I wanted to share my personal style with others. I finally found the courage and a photographer {see above, Husband} and started a fashion blog.

What made you pick your blog name?
The name for my blog is kind of a play on words. My new, married last name is Staples. I thought it would be cute to incorporate this new stage of my life with my new blog. I came up with My Wardrobe Staples. pretty clever right? Right.. Well, I love it anyways. I love documenting my wardrobe staples and what makes up my closet.

Top 3 Wardrobe Staples: White Tee, Nude Pumps, and a Black Pencil Skirt

Favorite Places to Shop: Target, Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy

Daily Blog Reads: The Daybook, Gal Meets Glam, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Kendi Everyday

Currently Wishing For: A puppy. Someone please convince my husband to let me get a puppy!