baby blue

| Sweater: Forever 21 | Jeans: Pac Sun | Flats: Target | Necklace: Groopdealz | Clutch: Etsy |

This spring one of the pieces I wanted to add to my wardrobe was a baby blue sweater. So...when I walked into Forever 21 in search of one and saw a baby blue sweater right in the front of the store, I knew it was fate! And for only $20 I knew that I most definitely had to have it! 
For this outfit I wanted to wear a very springy, light outfit so I decided to pair it with my white jeans. Then, I added cobalt blue accessories and wore my flats from Target that I am absolutely in love with!! The perfect blue outfit in my opinion!
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Beautiful necklace and sandals!

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I love you clutch!


  3. I love all of these shades of blue together! I am dying for a pair of shoes like that, but I can't find the right ones yet. Yours are so cute!!

  4. I love the color paring you did with this outfit! Great look!


  5. Always gotta love F21!! Perfect blue sweater--which seems to be the IT color of the season! You look fabulous and I love how you paired it with the colbalt shoes!


  6. pretty colors- love it!

    Thrift and Shout

  7. those colors on you look so lovely! love the pointed flats!
    -Deana, from Birdsandoxfords

  8. You are absolutely radiant, Katelin! The different hues of blue paired with the white pants is perfection! I now have added a baby blue sweater to my MUST buy list! Thank you for the inspiration!

    xo Ashley

  9. Baby blue is my fav color right now..currently wearing on my nails <3 Love the sweater <3

  10. The color combo here is AMAZING! Blue and c white are a match made in color heaven as it is but mixing shades of blue is pure genius. Lovely outfit lady!


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