Thank you for your interest in sponsoring My Wardrobe Staples! There are a few options. 

Clothing and Jewelry:
If your store, boutique, or etsy shop has clothing or jewelry that you would like to be featured in a post then please email me! I ask that I can pick out the article or clothing or piece of jewelry to ensure that it fits my personal style. The item will be linked up to your shop in an outfit post and will be labeled 'c/o'. If I feel that the product does not fit the authenticity of my blog then I reserve the right to not blog about said products. I also reserve the right to do what I want with all gifted items after blogging about them.

Product Reviews:
I am more than happy to review products. The opinions will be my own and I will give an honest review of the product to my readers.

Button Swap:
Email me with the code for your button and let's swap!

If you have any other questions or want to collaborate in some way, feel free to email me at: