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I'm not sure if you ladies have been reading much lately but I definitely have! It's been nice to have a little extra time to read after work and while I was on vacation last week I read 'The Girl on the Train' by Paula Hawkins, it was so good! I've even started another book since then. This is not usually the norm and most of the time I don't have a lot of free time to read. Since I can't always sit down to read lately I've thought about listening to books instead! It's great to listen while I drive to work or while I'm doing housework or laundry! Audiobooks are also nice because they can be stored on your phone and right now Audible, which is the best source of audiobooks, is running an amazing deal! Audible has partnered with and right now there are some amazing Audible coupon codes! Some of the deals include 50% off a membership with Audible which gives you access to a ton of books as well as a 30-day free offer of Audible!! I would say with a free trial offer like that it's definitely worth the try. Who knows, you might even like listening to books more than reading them!

Kohl's Giveaway

About a month ago I was contacted to see if I wanted to be part of campaign for Kohl's bras. I didn't even have to hesitate because yes, what girl doesn't want free bras?? No matter how amazing or pretty bras are, no girl wants to spend a million dollars on them or even $50 for that matter. I was also excited because I've needed another bra since I got pregnant. Luckily, I was measured pretty recently and found out what size I was but, if you're not sure what size you are Kohl's has a great measuring guide to help you find out! They also have their bra department organized by fit and brand which is really helpful. I looked online before going shopping so I could try and figure out what I liked. I love seeing the options online and then being able to go and try them on in store!
Once I got to Kohl's I tried on a few of my favorite bras that I had seen online like this push-up one and this full coverage one. I ended up going with a full coverage one in the closest size they had to my normal size. I love Kohl's because of their great selection and their amazing sale prices but it was really frustrating trying to find my exact size. They only had larger cup sizes (or at least my cup size) in the plus size section but those were much too big for me. I think that women with smaller chests would be able to find and fit into a lot more things than I was able to. However, while I was looking it was really nice to see the explanation of each type of bra above the display. There was also a chart letting me know which sizes and cup sizes that bra was offered in which was really helpful! Besides that, I think that Kohl's is a great, affordable place to find bras! They have been so generous and are offering one lucky My Wardrobe Staples reader a $200 gift card to do a little bra shopping!! The rafflecoptor to enter is down below and all entries are mandatory and will be verified. The giveaway will run for a week, good luck!!

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Laundry Day...

Is usually my favorite and least favorite day. I love it because it means I'm getting stuff done and my clothes are getting nice and clean but it's my least favorite because I absolutely hate folding it! Unfortunately laundry is one of those things that has to be done, and I feel like I'm doing it all the time even though there's only two of us...for now! I think that one thing that can make laundry just a little fun is yummy smelling, pretty laundry detergent!

Persil ProClean is that pretty looking and smelling laundry detergent that you need to get you started on that pile of laundry you've been putting off! Persil ProClean comes in three forms, power liquid, power caps, and power pearls. The power liquid (blue one) helps with stains, the power caps helps with brightening clothing, and the power pearls has pro-white technology that makes it best for washing whites. Since summer is just around the corner I pulled out my spring and summer clothing and decided to give this detergent a whirl! I also wanted to see how clean my whites got and if they actually were brighter.

After washing my fun, bright clothing I decided that I liked the caps best. I'm a little OCD about putting too much liquid in the washing machine so I like that I don't have to worry about pouring in too much detergent and I can easily just throw in a cap.

I also really like the power pearl detergent because I do wash a ton of whites every week. I love the pearl formula mostly because it's fun and pretty but also because it really is great for whites and I honestly did find that my whites looked brighter than usual!

After I was done washing all of my clothes I decided to do a little sneak peek of the my favorite spring skirt I washed! It's perfect for spring and Easter and here it is all sparkly clean...

If you want to learn more about Persil ProClean you can visit their website. If you want to purchase some it's available at Walmart. Persil is also running an amazing sweepstakes! You can win a premium night out on the town that includes a $300 Nordstrom giftcard, $200 giftcard, and $150 Uber giftcard! You also get a year supply of awesome is that?? You can enter the sweepstakes here, and I highly suggest that you do!!!


Norton Security

I don't know about you but tax season is one of my favorite times of the year! I obviously don't like doing them (and I don't even do them, my husband does) but I love getting that tax return back!! This year we got a good chunk back since Matt is still in school but we're saving it for all the baby stuff we'll need.
While we're doing our taxes I always worry about our security especially with so many things being hacked these days. Norton Security is a great way to help keep your family safe. With sensitive material being stored on your computer and phone it's important to protect your digital presence with Norton Security. Norton Security helps your protect your tablets, smartphones, Macs, and PCs while making sure your contacts and messages private. If you do happen to get a new device it's easy to move protection from one device to another. If you're thinking about getting Norton Security you should definitely use the Norton coupon codes, it'll save you $30 off a 1 year Norton Security package! Below is some more great info about Norton Security with Backup is a must have!


guess what...

Baby Staples is on its way!!!
He is set to arrive August 2015

reindeer sweater

| Sweater: c/o Oasap | Coat: c/o Oasap | Jeans: Gap | Boots: c/o Sole Society |

How cute it this reindeer sweater?? It's so perfect for winter and the holidays! I remember seeing it last year and wanting it so badly but not getting my hands on it. I didn't make the same mistake this year and ordered it from Oasap. It's on sale right now too so if you want a cute sweater for next Christmas then you better jump on it!

Valentine's Day with


I love Valentine's Day but when it rolls around every year I'm never sure what to do or what gift to get my husband! This year I've found a great source that I wanted to share with my readers since it's got so many fun features! The Good Stuff magazine has tons of great ideas for making your Valentine's Day special including date night ideas inspired by romantic movies, gift guides, and even craft ideas for your kids. If you're not spending Valentine's Day with a special guy (I had plently of those don't worry) they even have great Galentine ideas! This Valentine's Day Magazine on The Good Stuff by has got to be my favorite since it has so many fun things to plan and do! This issue of The Good Stuff also has tons of amazing Valentine's Day Deals including deals of jewelry, candy, cards, and other cute gifts. There is also a chance to win big in their Share the Love Sweepstakes so don't forget to enter that! You can read more of this month's issue here, or you can click the photo above. Happy Valentine's Day, hopefully this was helpful!!