how to get more bang for your buck

// shirt: JCPenney // pants: Pac Sun // shoes: H&M in store // necklace: Groopdealz //

Guess how much this entire outfit was head to toe? 
Less than $100!!

Here's the breakdown:
shirt: $19
pants: $45
shoes: $15
necklace: $15
Total: $94

Guess what ladies?? You can always find on trend items for great prices without sacrificing style, it is possible! Here are a few tips:

1. Check etsy, groopdealzveryjane, and sassy steals daily for cheaper versions of jewelry pieces. This yellow rose necklace I'm wearing in the pictures above is inspired by a necklace sold at J Crew for $128, umm no thank you!! I'll wait until someone makes a knockoff and sells it on groopdealz.

2. Go into stores you wouldn't normally think to go into. I was searching for some cute, cheap neon belts the other day and found some at Wet Seal. I haven't shopped there since I was like 12 but I went in and looked while I was at the mall and there was a pack of 3 skinny belts (yellow, hot pink, and brown) on sale for $7.99, score.

3. Stalk items that may be out of your price range and wait for them to go on sale. You can also search for promo codes or coupons.

4. Thrift shop at DI, Salvation Army, or other local shops.

5. When in doubt, check Forever 21*. Guaranteed you will find whatever you are looking for because that place has anything and everything you could ever want. It's also a great place for trendy items that you don't want to spend a ton on just in case it goes out of style next season.
*Make sure not to take your husband when you go to F21, they get really bored, complain, and ask you 20 times if you're done shopping.

What tips/tricks do you have for shopping on a budget?


  1. Oh my gosh, what a bargain this outfit is! And still so cute!

  2. It's true...guys do not like F21!! I found the red version of this necklace online yesterday for $15, so I think I'm going to have to get it. I can't believe people pay over $100 for it! This is such a cute outfit!!

  3. You look Beautiful Katelin. I want a Gingham Top in your Color & one of those Rose Necklaces.

    Stop by & see what's new with me. Have a Great Weekend, Ada.

  4. Love all the colors paired together! So cute :)

  5. I knew if I waited long enough for that necklace, less expensive versions would appear. Love this look and all the colors!!

  6. These are some really great tips! I always love finding great deals, especially in unexpected places! Also, it is so true about F21, it is such a big store and is way too easy to get lost inside for hours at a time! The shoes are also so cute! I really love the color, and I can't believe they were only $15!


    Written in Fashion

  7. LOL - do not take your husband to F21! I get overwhelmed in there, so I'm pretty sure he would not be happy. These are great tips!

  8. The tip about going to stores you don't normally shop at is SO TRUE. Some of my favorite pieces have come from stores I don't even like anymore, but I happened to go and found a treasure. Also, thanks for the tips on the knockoffs! Never heard of these places before so I'll be checking them out. Visiting from the linkup!

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  10. This is so cute! I'm obsessed with gingham- I just bought a mint gingham bikini that I adore. I love the way your paired it with the yellow rosette necklace. I also have that in mint. I'm mint obsessed, can you tell?

    New follower :)

    Jessica Jean Blog

  11. What an adorable necklace!
    I agree with much of what you said, don't really have anything to add except that shopping sales in expensive stores is a good idea! I often find deeply discounted items hiding in corners! (always look in the back for sales items!) Also, the junior section ALWAYS has sales, even in very expensive stores you can find things for very cheap (I found a dress at Dillards for $10! A maxi dress at Macy's for $1.99!)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  12. That's the necklace I want, except in coral! Great outfit!

  13. Great tips!!! And I LOVE all those pretty colors together!!! Thanks so much for linking up with the BEST OF!!! Happy weekend!
    xx, Kristen

  14. Love this cute girl! The color mix is incredible. Late to the party but now following;)


  15. Love the green and yellow together! Thanks for linking up for Favorite Fashion Friday. Hope to see you back this week!
    Penniless Socialite

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