date night chic

// dress: H&M // chambray: American Eagle // converse tennies // belt: Wet Seal // watch: Target //

Another post with something from H&M that I could not pass up! And lucky for me this dress didn't even need a $15 tag it was only $12! So, I wore this outfit on a double date we went on with another couple from church. I was going for a casual feel that still looked put together (I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard!) We went out for ice cream, sat outside, and talked. Let me tell you, married double dating is just like regular dating! You're nervous before the date, you try to make small talk during the date, and at the end of the date you hope they ask you to hang out again (assuming it went well that is). It is seriously so funny, even Matt said that it felt like the dating game all over again.

Oh, and in case you're wondering our husbands exchanged numbers and we made some plans for next week. Looks like we're double dating pros already!


  1. Your double dating story made me laugh! I never thought of it like that but you're completely right. Too funny. It is like an audition. Oh, and this outfit looks so comfy and cute. Love that you belted the maxi.

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  2. This is adorable! Love that dress. I found your blog through the Look What I Got Link-up and I must say I really like what I am seeing.
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  3. Haha this is too cute! I'm glad you two are quickly becoming so good at double dating! Love the outfit!


  4. Super cute! Love the colors!
    I've only gone to H&M once, and I felt soooooo overwhelmed! I'm not sure if this is true of all of them, but the store I went to was totally unorganized and everything was strewn around the store and had seemingly no ryhme or reason! But they DO have cute clothes! ;)
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  5. LOL!!! that's totally how first date married dating is!!!

  6. I LOVE that dress!! So cute with the chambray and the Converse shoes. Love this look!!

  7. Great deal on that dress! Looks great with the chambray shirt! Thanks for linking up.
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