fall outfit

// shirt: old {similar} // pants: Target //
// watch: Fossil // combat boots: Bohme //

Why am I wearing a fall outfit you ask? Because it still feels like fall, and today, I decided to dress appropriately for this 40° weather. Even though I wear pastels and floral print in hopes that it will not bring me spring weather, I have not gotten any spring weather. What a bust!
I am seriously so sick of it still feeling like winter, this year has been way too cold and snowy. All I want to do is lay by the pool, stay out late, eat snow cones {Tiger's Blood flavor, duh}, and wear shorts. Is that too much to ask? Probably, because I live in Utah and such is the life of a Utahan --> this means a person from Utah, just in case you weren't sure. 


  1. super cute!!!! love the fall look

  2. You and Matt should just move to Texas! I'm eating snowcones, wearing shorts and laying by the pool :)

  3. Such a cute casual look! I am nominating you for the Liebster Award and my post will be up next week!
    xoxo Bethany

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