Wedding Week: The Reception

This is probably my favorite post from 'Wedding Week' because I spent so much time planning the reception! Pinterest was huge last summer with weddings so I wanted to make it look perfect and there were so many ideas that I wanted to incorporate into the night. I'll share some of the diy projects with you tomorrow and trust me there were a million, haha. I was on a budget but honestly I felt like the reception was picture perfect. I think all of the hours that I put into planning and making decorations really made it so much more special to me. Thanks you Mom, Dad, Wendy, Matt, Paige, and everyone else who helped do and make things for the wedding, I am truly grateful for your help!


  1. Your reception was beautiful. Everything looked so incredibly pretty. It's obvious you put a lot of love into everything. And your dress was perfection. I wish Pinterest had existed when I got married. Oh, well...maybe I can do a 10 year anniversary party. ;-)


  2. cute cute stuff and love all those banners!!!!