Wedding Week: DIY + Details

DIY Projects
Here are some of the DIY projects from my wedding. Although it was pretty time consuming I am so glad I put in the time because everything turned out beautifully. All of the handmade touches really brought to life the vintage, rustic look I was going for.

The Mr. and Mrs. Banner was made from burlap and strung together with pink ribbon. We used a stencil to outline the letters and painted on the lettering with black paint.

One word: chalkboards. I loved all of the cute chalkboards that were a part of each table and there was one on every table that acted as part of the centerpiece. For the frames I went shopping at thrift stores to find one with gold, detailed frames.

We printed off tons of pictures from when we were dating and some of our engagements and strung them along a wall with a string of twine and clothespins. It was really cute and a fun way to display pictures of us.

My husband made out cake topped from wood and then stained and painted it. He is so talented! My Mom and I made this ribbon wall to use as a backdrop which was really simple but took quite a while.

We ordered wooden utensils for the reception and stuffed them into handmade packets made from packing paper and sewed with pink string on the sides. The picture on the right is of the bags that our guests used for their candy bags. We spray painted all of the clothespins and bought little paper bags from Michaels.

My sister sewed this fabric banner together that's in the background of this picture. We hung it on two and again it was really easy it just took FOREVER to cut all of the pieces of fabric.

Makeshift candles hung in trees; my husband bsically tied some wire to these cute little jars and then we put candles in them. In the picture on the right is the 'time capsule' guest sign in that I made. Guests wrote notes that we couldn't read for a year (we actually ended up reading them all the next day, whoops, don't tell!)

For the main bouquet of flowers on each table we used a mason jar. To add some detail I tied burlap around the jar and then tied a little bow with a pieces of cream colored ribbon. For the centerpieces we also has little vintage vases (that I still have) so that there were three vases on each table. We placed the largest vase on a wooden tree trunk. All of that lay on a burlap table runner and lace doily. Swoon. The flowers and centerpieces were probably my favorite part of the entire wedding!!

When we first talked to our photographer I told her that I wanted pictures of little details. Those are my favorite type of pictures and those are the ones I enjoy taking myself. For the reception I cared so much about details and making sure that every nook and cranny was perfect. I also really loved pictures of special moments during the day; here are a few of my very favorite pictures.

Thanks for reading all about my wedding this week! I was so in love with everything that I just had to share it all! It was such a beautiful day and it went by much too fast. I loved planning and putting everything together and was so glad I put so much time into it even though at the time it was not always the most fun. Anyways, tomorrow is my aniversary and I will be celebrating with my husband for a day that he has planned. It's a complete surprise and I can't wait to spend the day with him. Love you Matty!!



  1. Love all of the DIY details that went into your wedding. Love the idea of not reading your guestbook for a whole year (too funny that you read them early!)

  2. Amazing photos!
    xx Stephanie (

  3. How did you attach the banner to the table with a tablecloth? I'm running into that problem.