from boring to bold

Have you ever thought, your outfit is too boring and wonder how you can spice it up a little? Well friends, here is the formula for solving just that problem. I know that for some even just mixing stripes and floral print is a big step in itself. So if that's you just work on mixing patterns, wearing more prints, adding texture to your closet, and buying some bright colored tops. For me, I needed a little bit more excitement. I was pretty nervous pairing green and blue with bright pink but I thought hey, why not? And you know what, it turned out pretty well in my opinion! Fashion is all about taking chances and being bold so give it a try. You might even like it better!

Outfit 1
| Top + Skirt: Forever 21 | Watch: Target | Heels: Guess via Marshalls |

Outfit 2
| Heels: J Crew | Necklace: Sassy Steals | Pink Bangle: Gap |
| Chain Bracelet: Forever 21 | Lipstick: Maybelline in Vivid Rose favorite ever

Here's the secret formula for that bold look:

This is one of my favorite necklaces; it looks good when paired with neutrals or bright colors! 

Bracelets add texture and color.

These neon pink heels are a great way to add an unexpected pop of color!

This Color Sensational lipstick is my favorite one to wear, it's so bright and bold, I love it!!

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  1. You are stunning either way but I love how you took this look from casual to chic with just a bit of color! Great post! Susan

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I love the pops of color you added.

  3. I'm pretty sure that anytime you wear those heels your outfit is perfect, also I'm pretty sure I've commented on your heels at least five times...they are just SO cute!

  4. I love this! You seriously can rock the bold look! I would choose the safe route myself, but I love the pop of pink you added!

    xo, Jessica

  5. Stopping by via DC in Style's Monday Bloom link up!

    Those heels are hot! Perfect neon for the summer. Love how you paired it with the blue & green... so unexpected but so fun!

    99 Boxes of Shoes on the Wall

  6. Cute outfit. Love the pop the pink shoes give!

  7. Love how adding some unexpected color can totally change the look of an outfit. Your lipstick makes such a fun, bold statement! (No, I didn't miss the shoes and jewelry, but I think the lip color really changes the whole thing!) Stopping by from FundayMonday!

  8. So cute! Love the way you stepped it up with the bright shoes and necklace and lipstick! Looks great! I am a firm believer in bold accessories.


  9. OH yeah, definitely loving it with the pops of pink and the color statement necklace!! We're alot alike, pattern mixing isn't enough, I gotta add something more :D


    Simply Whit in a Sequined Life

  10. Wow that was a great way to amp up an outfit! So simple yet very bold. I love it!

  11. Love the color pops! & you always do a great job pattern mixing.

    Style of One's Own

  12. Love this!! I am all about the bold look. You look fabulous! That lipstick is stunning.

    Xo, Kahana

  13. love to mix stripes and florals and what a great pop of neon! found your blog via sunday style linkup...

  14. I love the colors you put together in this! Happy #fundaymonday!

  15. Love your outfit! It's super cute both ways but I especially like it with the bold colors. Great suggestion for taking an outfit from just okay to fab!