fashion blogging is hard

// top. Koo De Ker // belt. Target // boyfriend watch. Target
// pants. Target (old) // shoes. Target

Seriously though. Taking ootd {fancy acroynm for outfit of the day} pictures is so much harder than it looks! Fashion bloggers make it look so easy, like, nbd just took a million great pictures. We probably took 100+ pictures and out of those I narrowed it down to about 20!

So this is my first official "outfit post" and I am so excited to share it with you all! A couple things before you judge these pictures too harshly. One, this is my first go at fashion blogging. Two, it was sprinkling rain and seriously super cold!! Like 40 degrees straight up. Three, this is my husband's first time taking pictures. He is a computer programmer, not a photographer. We need to practice with some other lenses so that the pictures are better quality. So there, I just convinced you to like these pictures. But, I'm excited for us to keep practicing and hopefully get better. 

Also, once I thought about where all my clothes were from I realized that 90% of my outfit is from Target which is slightly embarrassing  I promise I shop other places too. But if I didn't so what? Everyone loves Target, especially your wallet!


  1. cute lookin good missy.. great pics too!!!

  2. Haha I love this! And I totally feel your pain! I am such a stalker of all of those great fashion blogs, and they are always so perfect! I posted about this too recently! :)

  3. love your first fashion post! i love the sparkles with the camo green combo :)

    xo brie

    1. Thank you so much! On my way to check out your blog now! :)

  4. Hey Katelin! So glad you found my blog! It's so funny you mention the awkwardness of taking pictures of your outfits! I feel the same I'm not trying to be a model here, just want everyone to see what I've put together! LOL And my hubby is not the best at taking pictures either!! I try to get my friends or my mom to do it whenever they have time. Oh how I wish I could afford a professional photographer to snap my pictures!! haha:)