boohoo collab

| Dress: c/o Boohoo | Jacket: BCBG | Tights: Francescas | Boots: c/o Sole Society |

I'm not sure if you've heard of Boohoo before but they are one of my favorite online stores to shop from! They have super cute clothes and there is always some sort of promo code which is something I always look for when ordering online. Anyways, when they contacted me about collaborating with them I was totally in! They wanted me to work with another blogger, and guess what? It was the cutest preggo lady, Ashley from Raspberry Glow so umm yeah no complaints here, I love her!! Anyways, it was kind of a fun, creative challenge. We had to pick out a dress and decorate it for the other person! I picked a neutral, flowy dress for Ashley and added some braided ribbon down the side of the dress. I love how she wore the dress as a long, open cardigan. It looked so chic!! I'm so happy to have had this opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite brands and bloggers, it was a win win situation!


  1. You look beautiful in this girly outfit!

  2. Such a pretty color & pattern on your dress.


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  3. Nice looks! Love the moto jacket!

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  5. What a lovely outfit! I love the boho pattern of the dress. You now can learn how to clear cache with us.

  6. You are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing boohoo collab post. I really like it. xoxo fashion for womens