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With Mother's Day this week, I know that I have been thinking about what to get my Mom. If you're searching for some great Mother's Day Deals, has some fab coupons you can use to get your Mom the best gift! Moms are always taking care of other's and on the run so I think the best type of gift would be something that would simplify their lives and daily schedule. Sephora has the best makeup and giving your Mom some items that would make her feel gorgeous and simplify her life would be the best kind of gift!

Each morning I have the best intentions of getting up to get ready but let's be honest, I would rather press snooze and get a few extra minutes of sleep! When that happens, I am in a major rush and need a few key items that will help me get ready in the quickest amount of time. Here are a few items that help simply my morning routine!

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Dry Shampoo: In case I need to freshen up my locks!
Brow Kit: Since my eyebrows are blonde I make sure that I fill in my eyebrows everyday. I love them to be dark and full and this little kit is the perfect thing to help my achieve the bold brow look!
Mascara: Who doesn't want luscious lashes??
Lippies: A lip stain is the perfect way to add a long lasting, pop of color!

Make sure to enter the giveaway below to win a $150 giveaway to Sephora! 
You can get some goodies for you and your mama!


  1. where is this open to?

  2. Thanks for opening this giveaway to all of your readers. I LOVE sephora and I hope I win!! :)

  3. Thanks for the giveaway, how do i know if I win?