my best friend + the best photos

Hey ladies, guess what?
I have an amazing guest post for you today!
It's my best friend Katie and she is the best. Find out why!

Hi Friends. I'm Katie, one of Katelin's oldest friends.
Today I was given the honor of hosting/posting/youknowwhatimean, on Katelin's blog! Since Katelin is finally “home” and back in Southern California (where she belongs!!!), I  f  i  n  a  l  l  y got to spend time with her. We took photos and spent hours catching up on life over a free dinner at Olive Garden. Holler. 

Katelin and I met sometime back in elementary school, but didn't become best friends until seventh grade. We have been through so many wonderful, fun, embarrassing, and crazy times together. Let me give you some highlights.
- fifth grade talent show: Choreographed dance to WannaBe! by the Spice girls. Katelin, Sporty. Me, Posh.  I still have it on VHS if you want to see it. 
- third grade: Katelin let me borrow her headband. Genius idea to do a somersault = cracked headband. I spent weeks trying to find a replacement. One of the most tragic moments of my childhood.
- senior year: late to first period EVERY day because we were at the doughnut shop. Who even goes to school senior year, i mean really. 
- junior year: i dyed Katelin's hair black. I dont think mama Hatter ever forgave me for that. 
- sophomore year: Katelin's dad was my pre-calc teacher. I failed pre-calculus passed pre calculus because I was Katelin's friend. ( I am forever grateful to that man. ) 

& obviously those are only a few. I have always valued the friendship I have with Katelin and the memories we've made and I am SO stoked to be able to do this blog post for her!

then & now (well not exactly now, but this is the most recent photo we have together <---)

I was always the one with the camera in high school. All my friends only have photos of themselves growing up because I was the one who took them. Photography is my passion; my escape. I started with my first ( big girl ) DSLR camera always shooting on auto because I didn't have a clue what aperture or ISO or anything else was.. and it was easy. But after a few years and a lot of "experimenting" I finally figured out what it all meant, and figured out that my camera was capable of SO many more things than what I was allowing it to do. 

For Katelin's shoot, the light was just perfect (Around sunset is always best)! We ran to the most rustic, secluded, overgrown patch of land in all of Palos Verdes, and had our blogging mini session. It was so fun shooting Katelin because she is totally a natural in front of the camera. Most people get all awkward when shooting alone, but it was a breeze! (But for real though, there was no breeze.. it was hawt.) 

These are a few of my favorites from our shoot.


Photography Tips
Here are some photography tips for the "beginners" out there who want to know more on creating a better photo! 

1)    Play with the light. You never want light to be directly in the subject’s face. This will either cause the subject to become blind (ha!), or create nasty shadows. Having light come from behind the subject, especially during sunset will create a rim around him/her, causing the photo to be gorg. 
2)    Be aware of your surroundings! There were many times when I had to tell Katelin to step to the “left” or “right” because she would be perfectly lined up with a tree, making it look like it was growing out of her head. You want to be sure that you are not only looking to focus on the subject while looking into the camera, but looking at the background, to make sure the subject is properly placed.
3)    If you use a DSLR photo (the ones with the fancy lenses), I’m talking to you! I tend to always overexpose my photos, because I think it looks best. It's just my own personal style. There is nothing worse than a dark photo to ruin the image. Dark photos can be fixed in photoshop, but if you can avoid it, do it! . 
4)    CROPPING! This is important for you bloggers and your photographers! When zooming in on the subject, where are the best places to crop!?? The answer- the “inbetweens”! This means, at the ribs, at the thighs, or at the shins. Never do you everrrrr want to crop on points- ie. The neck, the waist, the knees.. etc. You will literally look like you do not have limbs. This is another something that photographers look for in the frame before they shoot the photo.

Have fun with photography. The great thing about photography today is that its almost all digital. If you don't like the first photo you took, you can take a million more, without any cost. And the image is available to view before you send them to get developed. This is pure genius my friend. Have fun with the possibilities!

Thank you so, so much Katelin for letting me shoot with you and post on your blog. 
I had the best time with you, like always! 

PS. if you are in the southern California area, I am offering a full mini session (45 min) for ONLY $100 (regular $250) until September 30, which includes edited photos, 3 outfit changes, and a disc of all photos. Offer only valid for a limited time with the code: STAPLES. Send me an email if you are interested! Thanks for reading and thank you again Katelin. I love you so.

Kate&Co Photography

Okay guys isn't she the absolute best?? If I were you, I would totally take her up on that mini photo sesh! I know the second my husband and I get the time we plan on doing some couple pictures with her!! She always knows the best locations and the proof is in the pudding, I am so in love with the pictures she took! Thanks for doing this post Katie! Love ya bestie!!!



  1. Love the outfit and the photos!!!

  2. Hi, Not sure if you know me. I'm following you on IG but not sure if you have see me before. I'm Renae and I am old as dirt and a Mormon, too. I'm #24 at LOOK WHAT I GOT! today. I love those boots so if you live anywhere near northern Utah, let me know so I can borrow them, okay? (I wear a 7) Thanks! ♥

    1. Renae, you are hilarious!! Unfortunately, I'm a 9 1/2 so they would be pretty big on you but I got them at Target so they might still have them!

  3. Gorgeous shots! The lighting is so great in those pictures!

  4. gorgeous shots, gorgeous friends! i love that outfit, and will need to recreate it when fall rolls around.

  5. Those imaged are beautiful. I love them!

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  6. The story of your friendship is adorable and Katie is a really talented photographer! If I were in California I would totally book her for a shoot (:

  7. yay Katie!!!!! LOVE your photos!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! Come down to Torrance and let's do your family photos!!! :) xoxo

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  8. The photos turned out amazing! Super cute hat!

  9. I am loving this outfit and the photography! How fun to reconnect with a best friend. Hope you enjoyed your time here in California. :)

    Style of One's Own

  10. What great photos! Loved reading about you and your best friend! Thanks for sharing with Three-fer Thursday!

    xoxo Meghan

  11. thanks so much for the great tips will definitely have to keep those in mind! ps love your outfit! i want to get more booties this year and always looking for inspiration on how to style!

    Erin at Hart of Style