Matt's 29th Birthday

Yes, you read that right. Last week my husband turned 29 which is practically like turning 30! (I like to tease him about this, obviously!) I was super excited for his birthday, even more so than he was because I had so many little surprises planned for him.

The first little surprise was a mirror filled with post-it notes. Each sticky note had attributes about Matt that I admire and some funny little inside jokes. I did it the night before his birthday after he went to bed so when he got up for work he would see it right away.

We made plans to meet up for lunch during his lunch break and when I picked him up I had a yummy pork burrito from Cafe Rio since he always wants to go there. I also made sure to get him tres leches cake with lots of strawberries and whipped cream since it is his absolute fav treat! He took an extra long lunch break and we ate at a park underneath some shade.

After lunch, I went home to prep for the birthday festivities that night. I made a banner, blew up some balloons, and wrapped his gift. Then, I made him a red velvet cake and attempted to frost it with an ombre effect...let's just say I'm still working on it. To dress up his cake even more I did some bunting with the leftover scrapbook paper I used to make his banner. Overall, for it being my first cake I think it turned out pretty well!

Once I had everything decorated I drove to surprise him at work and take him out to dinner. I told him that I had to work that night which wasn't true at all and when I showed up at his work all dressed up he was like what are you doing here?? I was like I'm here to take you to a special place! I blind folded him and drove him to Red Lobster since he told me he wanted to get seafood for his birthday. He was even more excited when I told him to get whatever he wanted! He got crab and lobster and I got garlic shrimp with shrimp linguine, it was seriously the best thing ever!

The reason I'm laughing in this picture is because the guy taking it for us was like wait, I have to back up, I gotta get those hot pink shoes in the picture! Which made me laugh, my kind of guy!
After dinner we headed home. I texted my sister-in-law to tell her when we would be getting home. Right as Matt walked in the door all his nieces, brother ,sisters, and parents surprised him! He definitely did not see that one coming! He opened his presents, we all ate cake, and then I stole him away for one last surprise. For his big birthday present I booked us a night at a hotel so that we could have some alone time and get away for the night. We swam at the hotel, hung out, slept in a king bed which was an absolute dream, and helped ourselves to a continental breakfast in the morning.

Now, not to toot my own horn but I was pretty pleased with how everything turned out! I had been planning everything out all week long so when it came to his actual birthday I was so nervous that something would go wrong, but luckily everything was perfect! I think the main reason I went all out is because I wanted to show Matt how much I really love him. He does so many nice things for me and always does what I want to do so I wanted to do all of his favorite things for a change. I love you so much Matty and I hope you had the best birthday ever! He actually told me that it was his best birthday yet and that having a wife made it so much more fun but don't tell him I told you guys. This is just the first birthday of so many more to come and I can't wait to celebrate all the rest with you!


  1. ahhhh what a great bday!!! your such a good wifey!!!

  2. Good job Kate!! You made Matt's B'day extra special & memorable!!! You are super cute together! Luv Mum

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