summer beauty wish list

Beauty Wish List

First things first, the good news is that I'm alive. The bad news is that I've been a terrible blogger the last few weeks. And, the best news is that I'm refreshed and ready to blog again! I have the type of personality where I tend to focus on things and forget about everything else. So basically I can't even help it!

Anyways, this summer I have been wanting tons of products that will help me transform into a beach babe. Bright lip colors, beachy hair, and a serious tan are calling my name! I put together a list of the some beauty products I am seriously craving right now. If you can't already tell I am seriously obsessed with hair. I want it long and healthy. I really want to try Pureology products because I've heard great things about them but they are so expensive! I have noticed my ends look damaged (from going blonde) so I want something that will protect my hair and nourish all the way to my ends. If anyone has tried this shampoo/conditioner duo and loves it please let me know! Or if anyone of you know of a more budget friendly option please comment and tell me about it, it would be much appreciated. Same goes for the hair mask!!

By the way, I'm going to get my hair done in a couple weeks and I am thinking about moving away from the ombre look...but just a little! Here is one of the pictures I want to take in, tell me your thoughts? It's super blonde but it is summer and I'm sick of always getting the same thing done everytime! Yay or nay?


  1. it's too blonde, go less blonde:)

  2. This may sound dumb, but when I am wanting to try a new hairstyle I've seen, I'll photoshop the face out to just look at the hair (or if I'm lazy, just cover the face with my hand) . A lot of times, I'll realize I just really liked the eye makeup in the picture but am not in love with the hair. Maybe that's just me, but thought I'd share! I think you'd look great with blonde hair, but I love ombre.

  3. Well, first-it's your hair, so do what you want to with it! =)
    As for a cheaper hair mask, mayo is great for a deep conditioning. You can also find tons of homemade hair masks by Googling "homemade natural hair mask".
    As for healthy long hair, going sulfate free with your shampoo is a must. The sulfates in shampoo strip the color and moisture from your hair, leaving it damaged and not too nice. Also being gentle (using a wide tooth comb instead of a brush) and making sure you're eating a healthy diet. Oh yes, and patience till grows out! LOL!
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  4. Every time I think about going back to full-on blonde again, I cringe at the thought of how often I used to touch up my roots! I'm not really ombre anymore, but I still don't really get my roots highlighted - it makes life so much easier! Haha.

    P.S. I've been contemplating switching from my Bobbi Brown bronzer to Nars but I can't commit! ;)

    <3 The Daily Dani