guest post:fashion flirtation

Guess what? I've got a special treat for you! My new blogger friend, Victoria from Fashion Flirtation,is guest posting on my blog today! Girlfriend has some cute outfits and funny stories. I first came across her blog through Instagram and after stalking away instantly loved her blog (and the fact that we share the same dream of becoming a cool fashion blogger.) Today she is going to introduce herself! 

Hey everyone! It's Victoria from "Fashion Flirtation" and I am so excited to be guest posting on Katelin's blog today! Her blog is so cute and it is definitely becoming one of my favorites!

I am 20 years old, recently married to the love of my life, and currently residing in Arizona! I have always been incredibly passionate about writing and fashion, so I thought I would incorporate them both into my blog. I feel like blogging is a way that I can show my love for fashion with anyone and everyone, and it makes me so excited to think that I am inspiring those around me with something that I love so much. I enjoy shopping [maybe a little too much] because I think it so exciting to express yourself though what you wear. I am constantly searching online sites and local stores to find pieces that will send a message to others of who I am and what I love. That is probably the best thing about fashion-- finding pieces that inspire you and make you look and feel good about yourself! My blog is not only the place that I share my outfits and inspiration, but it is also where I share my many fun [and sometimes not so fun] adventures as a newlywed! So I hope that you visit my blog and that you stay a while!


Now what you should do it go follow her blog, stalk her on Instagram (ig name: victoriafarnsworth), and grab her button because she will be posting lots more stylish outfits and hilarious stories!


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