Blog Premiere!

We finally started a blog! (And by we, I really mean me...) I wanted to start a blog for a couple of different reasons. The first reason is because it acts as a journal for me. I have never been good at writing in a journal but I think that posting pictures and writing about things that Matt and I do will be an easy way to record our adventures and memories, especially as newlyweds  It will also be fun to share these memories with our children one day and they can look back and see how cool we were, right? Another reason I want to start a blog is so that we can share what we're doing with our family and friends. I love seeing pictures of what my family is doing states away and now we can share what our family is doing. My last reason for starting a blog is so that I can share ideas with others. I love finding inspiration for fashion, crafts, and decorating from other bloggers and I hope that I can share some of my ideas with others. I also love sharing good books, good music, and good thoughts with others. Anyways, enough of why I am starting a blog! I hope that anyone who reads our blog will enjoy what we, (let's get real I'm the only one who will be updating this blog) I have to say!

ps after proofreading this post, Matt was all like hey, who designed this blog for you? So even though Matt will probably not be posting as much as me he will definitely be helping with all the problems I run into when it comes to computer stuff. Also, I am so grateful to him for designing this blog! I absolutely love it and he spent so much time making it perfect for me, love him!